Saturday, March 20, 2010

pakistan trip

Sunday farmer's market trip in lahore.

white pomegrante
black carrots
family on a motorcycle
shopping in bazaar
shalimar garden
tatsy hocker food chickpea salad
boy selling cilantro
crazy pakistani masks
pizza hut delivery bike
too many shoes
my daughter's first roti (paksitani flat bread)
oraganic ice berg lettuce
me and my husband
butcher preparing chicken to order
pakistani winter carrots that are so sweet
my personal driver and helper
carrying groceries for people
trying to shop for blood oranges
sand roasted boniatoes
fresh quail meat
gulab jamun expert in lahore
tandoori chicken
my farm family
my brother inlaws' farm
organic parsley broccoli and lettuce
my friend the water buffalo
farmer family cleaning winter turnips
man shucking dry ears of corn
my uncle's lemon pickle sunbathing
garlic naans at the wedding
bride and groom
all dressed up at a family wedding
me and my family

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